EDITORIAL: Out of hand

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By The Staff

Last week, the Highlands University Board of Regents heard a number of requests for naming buildings and other infrastructure after local notables.

Fortunately, the Board of Regents didn’t take any action on the issue. Regent Jesus Lopez asked that the university draft a policy on how to handle such requests. He suggested that the university not name any structures after living people.

That’s a good idea. In fact, we wouldn’t mind if local government entities enacted general moratoriums on naming buildings after people altogether. Too often buildings are named after politicians who haul in the loot from the state government. But isn’t that what our elected leaders are supposed to do?

As we have stated in this space before, some leaders have had such a great effect on a community that their names deserve to be on buildings. In Las Vegas, Donaldo “Tiny” Martinez’s name graces the West Las Vegas administration building. And that’s deserving because he radically changed his local community and schools.

But that’s a rare case. For the most part, the naming business gets way out of hand.