Editorial: No shakeups needed

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By The Staff

San Miguel County Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz has now announced what many already suspected — he is running for Las Vegas mayor.

In revealing his plans, Ortiz promised that he wouldn’t shake up the city administration. Rather, he plans to keep the city manager and other departmental directors.

That’s in contrast to some mayors, who come in firing people and installing loyalists. Since Les Montoya left as city manager a decade ago, that post has become something of a revolving door. It has set the city back. Worthy projects have fallen by the wayside as new managers come in with their own ideas. Consistency and follow-through have been lacking because of the turnover. This might have been justified if the managers had been fired for doing a lousy job but, mostly, political more than performance issues have led to their terminations.

Our new city manager, Timothy Dodge, took the helm in the spring and seems to be making progress on a number of fronts. It would be a shame if the city got a new mayor intent on firing Dodge.

If we get a new mayor in March, that person should put the city’s interests first, not his or her own political ego. We’ve had enough shakeups and drama at City Hall in recent years; let’s keep the people we have.