Editorial: Necessary change

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By The Staff

Let’s see now, in recent months, members of the Las Vegas Fiesta Council have:

• Made mistakes with last summer’s event that cost money and support, but instead of working to fix the problems, they circled the wagons and blamed their mistakes on detractors.

• Made themselves inaccessible to the public and failed to produce a single financial report since wrapping up the last fiesta.

• Turned petty in their attacks on a 22-year-old former fiesta queen.

Is it any wonder why city officials are considering a resolution to set up a city committee for next year’s fiestas?

Interestingly, Councilman Andrew Feldman says that the Fiesta Council needs to exercise “accountability and transparency,” but he’s going to vote against the resolution anyway. That begs the question: How will accountability and transparency be accomplished with the current Fiesta Council leadership? Time and again they’ve demonstrate an unwillingness to be open with their records.

The city committee idea is a good one. We hope it passes.