EDITORIAL: Infusion of cash

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By The Staff

The federal government is making available billions of dollars for states and cities across the county, hoping to spur the economy with infrastructure projects.

There’s nothing a politician likes more than to get a huge infusion of money with which to play. And President Obama knows this. That’s why he warned local and state officials to spend the money wisely, and he promised to expose any wasteful spending.

To its credit, the Las Vegas city government has already developed a game plan for getting its share of the federal money. The city formed a committee of department heads and hired a consultant to help navigate the state and federal bureaucracies as Las Vegas tries to get stimulus money.

The San Miguel County government is also undertaking similar efforts to get its piece of the pie.

We’re glad for that. This whole process should be above-board and completely open. The windfall of new cash shouldn’t be an opportunity for politicians to claim credit for new roads and bridges; it is simply there to improve the nation’s infrastructure and spur the economy.

We in the media are obligated to report any waste of taxpayer dollars. And we should be especially vigilant when there is a huge infusion of new money.