Editorial cartoon offensive

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The editorial cartoonist in the paper last Friday attempted to bully people into accepting his/her point of view. The cartoonist depicted a woman, as mature, well-dressed and reasonable, contrasted to a fat, ugly, poorly dressed male, stating he’ll decide what’s good for women, and the incredulous lady responding, “This is my body.”

The point of the cartoon is to further cement the secular belief that if a man and a woman are reckless, they must be saved from the consequences of their actions. In other words, they should be free from responsibility when it comes to sexual intercourse.

We all need to remember two things. First the oft made comment by some women, but this is my body! Well of course that is true, but it is also true that the baby is a different person entirely. If this were not the case, we’d all be carbon copies of our mothers, que no? And secondly, other than in cases of rape¸ a responsible woman would not be pregnant if she had decided not to have sexual intercourse with an obliging male.

The sophomoric cartoon again illustrates the “Progressive Code”, that the end justifies the means, always, even when another person’s life is at stake.

Frank Splendoria