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By The Staff

During public meetings, our elected officials should handle themselves with a certain level of decorum. Last week, Las Vegas City Schools board Chairman Phillip Vigil fell short of that standard.

Parents of the victims of last year’s football team assaults wanted to express their concerns during a meeting. They wanted to know why the superintendent and athletic director were still in their positions, even though they have been charged with failure to report child abuse in connection with the football attacks. (This is a reasonable concern, even though the board may have good reasons to keep the two officials on the job. They are presumed innocent until proven guilty.)

Vigil could have told the parents that the board couldn’t discuss personnel matters, and he did. But at one point, he shut down public input entirely because he was apparently frustrated with parents. So the parents all left an once. One of their supporters looked at the board members and told them, “Very badly done. I’m appalled.”

That person walked out of the room, but Vigil followed him and asked him, “Do you have a problem?”

Isn’t that how schoolyard bullies begin a challenge? Sure sounds like it to us.

The board meeting stopped, and many watched the spectacle. Thankfully, it didn’t turn physical, but it was surely a breach of decorum.