East district checks its heating systems

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By David Giuliani

Maintenance crews have been busy checking heating systems at the Las Vegas City Schools to make sure they are ready for winter, the superintendent said Monday.

Pete Campos, in a telephone interview from Memorial Middle School, said that particular school was comfortable and that room temperatures have been at 68 degrees, the mandated level at the City Schools. He said he hasn’t heard about anything “out of the ordinary.”

He said crews have been checking the district’s systems in recent weeks, but he said a cold snap, such as the one on Monday, allows them to fine-tune the equipment for the year.

“If a heater goes out or if part of a system goes out, we react to that as quickly as possible. If we do run into a situation like that, young people may be relocated from a classroom to a library,” Campos said.

If the weather gets cold, the district allows students and teachers to wear heavier clothing, he said.

Last year, Campos issued a memo telling principals and program directors how to conserve energy in their buildings. He said he plans to reissue the memo again this year.

In the memo, he noted that the newer buildings have thermostats that automatically reduce the temperatures at night. During the day, the thermostats are programmed to deliver more heat in the morning and less in the afternoon, the memo stated.

“Manual adjustments to the thermostats should not be made by anyone, except maintenance staff,” he wrote. “Tampering with the device will cause the entire heating system to run inefficiently, consequently delivering less heat than desired.”

He also wrote that lower thermostat settings are more conducive to learning.

“Warmer temperatures make students sleepy,” he said.

Campos wrote the memo in his role as associate superintendent for support services — a job he holds in addition to being superintendent.