Dulcey Amargo - Hitting the jackpot — not!

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By Lupita Gonzales

I’d just made my way to the cashier at a local establishment, whipped out my debit card, and handed it to the young lady taking my payment. She rang up my bill, and suddenly, with her eyes bigger than teacups, she blurted out, What? ... I just had to see what had shocked her so violently, so I  looked at what the cash register told her to do. She was to give me change amounting to over $43,000!

She quickly called the manager, but I averred, saying, “I’ll take it!”… No such luck. He quickly deleted the entry, and left me deflated. Oh, well, such is life.

My next move was to go to the local ATM to get some cash for the holidays, hoping that the ATM would be on the same page as the aforementioned merchant’s register, but no go. It merely gave me the amount I requested, and dismissed me summarily (no pun intended).

So, my pre-Christmas jollity was brought to an end. No, I’m not really disappointed, but a nice, tidy sum of $43,000 would have been nice!

Yes, ‘tis the season to be jolly, so I will carry on, as some people maintain I do all the time. I have much for which to be thankful — relatively good health, my children and extended family, good friends throughout the years, and an upcoming Christmas holiday. What more could one ask for?

No! Don’t ask for anything …or, as the saying goes, “Ask, and it shall be given to you.” I’ll keep an open mind.
Okay, there are enough other things to be thankful for — a change in the weather, for one. After a couple of weeks of self-imposed hermit behavior, finally the roads and the weather have made it possible for me to travel into town with impunity (with the possible exception of Sunday’s snowfall). I picked up my uneventful mail items, took my usual fare at Charlie’s and picked up a few “necessities” at the grocery store. One evening, for example, I took in the Homeschoolers’ play at the Baptist Church auditorium. The kids did a fine job.  

One thing I didn’t do that I usually do is to take my Chien for his daily walks, and I am paying for it! No, Chien is not chastising me, but my back muscles are.

Feeling my age, perhaps, but certainly not as spry as I like to be. At Charlie’s, I heard Carlos, Charlie’s son and my former student, saying that he is studying chiropractic. I approached him and told him about my sore back, but he informed me I’d have to hold on to the thought for a couple of years until he earned his credentials. Hmm, I think I’ll pursue other remedies for the nonce! Some brisk walks up and down Eighth Street in the impending sunshine will have to do.

But, ‘tis the season, and as we push on toward Christmas, there’s much to think about, and more to do. Am I the only one with these thoughts? I verily doubt it. So, that said, I wish you all a joyful upcoming Christmas holiday. And I have no chagrin in saying Merry Christmas … ’tis the reason for the season!

Lupita Gonzales is a retired educator and member of the Optic Editorial Board. She may be reached at lupitagonzales2002@yahoo.com.