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When Don Woods played for HU he was the quarterback not a running back. When HU shut down the football program, Don went to UNM, played as quarterback and set a UNM passing record that stood for years. At San Diego, he played as a running back. At one time, after his pro career, he was an assistant football coach at West Mesa High in Albuquerque.

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Don Woods...

Correct-O, Mund-O on Don Woods being Quarterback at HU's "GLORY YEARS." He also was made ineligible by Dr. Lynn Stuckey, English teacher, who failed to recognize that Don had dyslexia.

The reason for HU dropping football was really not made known then, or now. Its real reason? Black football players taking a very pro-active stance on black power. Just ask any who played here, including Don Woods.

During the Highlands University football glory years, 8 players were drafted into the NFL! And two went to the same High School, College and AFC Rookies-of-the-Year...Carl Garrett and Don Woods who both attended Denton HS, Denton, TX; NMHU and with the New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers, respectively, 1969 and 1973. When Carl Garrett was drafted in the 8th round, he predicted he would beat OJ Simpson out for that award, and he did! (AP press release in 1969) New Mexico Highlands is the only NAIA and NCAA school to have two AFC Rookies-of-the-Year!