Don’t stereotype motorcyclists

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Obviously John Gamertsfelder is not a fan of motorcycle riders. I do, however, support the Rough Rider Rally and am appreciative of the many people who graciously donate their time to put the event together. I attend numerous rallies and I think our rally ranks right up there as far as activities and entertainment. I disagree with (Gamertsfelder’s) statement that “many Vegeños” leave town during the rally. I saw a large number of local people at the rally this year and not all are motorcycle riders.

Contrary to his statement that motorcycle riders are “self-styled bandits,” I find riders for the most part to be fine upstanding hard-working people who enjoy riding a motorcycle. It is unfortunate that because he doesn’t like something, he negatively stereotypes an entire culture. As for restrictions in town where the motorcycles can ride, maybe we should restrict those in cars who run stop signs, fail to yield and cut in front of others to the safety of their driveways. In reference to (Gamertsfelder’s) comment about the city being blasted by unmuffled and exceedingly loud engines, motorcycles by design are louder than cars and many times it keeps a cyclist from being hit because a car driver “just didn’t see the motorcycle.”

Since (Gamertsfelder) is so negative about the rally and the money it generates for everyone in Las Vegas, I suggest that if it ever snows, again the city should not clean Fifth Street in front of his house or maybe pave his street or fix broken water lines to his house because some of the money used for these services may have been generated by the rally. It was estimated that this year’s rally would generate approximately $4 million for the local economy. This was the eighth rally so conservatively the rally has generated between $25 million and $30 million for the local economy over its life.

The rally is produced by a group of hard-working individuals who donate their time, and I have attended several of their meetings. I am sure you would be welcome to attend and add your suggestions. Just sitting at home being negative never accomplishes anything.

Tom Meserve
Las Vegas