Don’t judge Cordova harshly

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Mora County will soon have a new sheriff and I’m sure he will do good. He was a deputy when I was on the commission.

The outgoing sheriff, it seems, has made some mistakes, as we all have, because we are human. The only perfect ones are six feet under because, of course, they can’t make mistakes anymore.

However, I feel that the county commissioners and the citizens of Mora County should really give Sheriff Roy (Cordova) a certificate of appreciation for the time he served as sheriff. He did a lot of good things while he was in office. For example: One time he pulled a double shift and sat up with a suicidal teen, thus saving a teen’s life.

He was also very quick the answer crisis calls, and to assist in whatever he could.

We humans are strange characters. When someone makes a mistake, the whole world takes notice and right away starts to judge and condemn, while good deeds are shoved away in a closet.

I have often thought about the story of the ungrateful queen who was spoiled by the king, and always got what she asked of him. One day she asked him to make it snow in July, and because he could not grant her request, she divorced him. He said, “You ungrateful queen, I’ve always done my best to please you, but because I could not grant your impossible request, you divorce me.”

Mistakes and scandals sell newspapers and attract the news media, but what about the good people do? Good deeds usually outweigh mistakes, but are hardly ever appreciated.

I hope the new sheriff hires Roy.

Truthfully and honestly, in my book (and despite any mistakes he has made) he really is rated among the best in law enforcement officers.

Rosalie Regensberg