Don’t close the Mora pool

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It has come to my attention that administration and the School Board at the Mora Independent Schools is talking about closing the swimming pool and making it into a bus garage. In my opinion, this is the worst mistake anyone can make, and the community should protest.

The swimming pool is the only form of recreation that is available for the children in the community. It’s because of the children that the Mora Independent Schools gets funding.

It’s been a very hot summer and a swimming pool is much needed.
I pray that those people in the community who have the interest at heart of our children will speak up.

The superintendent is appointed, but the school board is elected. Stand up and be heard. It is our community, our children, and their schools. They deserve the best they can get. If it were not for the children, nobody would have a job, or get funding for anything.

Rosalie Regensberg