Don’t call abortion a moral choice

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I just finished reading “Another Perspective” where Joan Krohn wrote about the rights of women (to have an abortion). I just sat there after reading it and first anger and then sadness hit me. She finishes the (column) with “abortion is a legal, legitimate and moral choice for women and families.” Moral for who? Moral is defined in the dictionary as “of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principal or rules of right conduct or the distinction of right or wrong.” Ms Krohn said she was speaking for women; who speaks for the baby? Yes, that baby is a human being.

Have you ever watched a film about abortion? If you did, didn’t it at least touch you a little? That is the most heartbreaking film I have ever seen. Women have rights; who speaks for the baby?

Has anyone who has gone to get an abortion been told by the doctor to watch that film first? Of course not. That doctor isn’t in the business of trying to stop an abortion. They work for money. If you ever do see a film on abortion I dare you not to cry and hurt inside at what happens to the baby, and all because it cannot speak for itself.

There are many families that want children and can’t have them. Why can’t a woman have the child and give it up for adoption? That is their right. I am not going to judge anyone who has had an abortion. There is only one judge, and I am not it. But don’t write a (column) where you feel you have to stand up for women’s rights. And not only that, but to tell us it is a “moral” thing to do for the woman and for families. I am a woman, and I will fight for my dignity but hopefully not at the expense of someone getting hurt.

Women through the ages have gone through many hardships but are you saying that it is a hardship because they are the ones who have children? Children are a miracle and a blessing. Yes, it is very painful to give birth, but soon forgotten after you hold that child in your arms. There are not many who would say they would not do that again, since the world is so heavily populated.

Having children is not for everyone, and I appreciate that. That is their choice and their right. But don’t write a (column) about women’s rights and fighting for their rights when you forget that there is one in the equation who has no rights.

Just as I have a right to tell you that you are very, very wrong. How about the women who use abortion as birth control? Yes, that is their right, but is it moral? There are many things that could be brought up and not only the one that you “as a woman want to fight for the rights (of) all women.”

Please don’t fight for me, and, yes, I am a Catholic. I can’t understand why when women are fighting for their rights they bring up the Catholic Church. Are you saying that only Catholics are against abortion? I think not. Someone has to speak for these babies. I just did. And please don’t bring morality into it. Legal, yes it is; legitimate, I don’t know, but moral, sorry, but that is a no.

Gia Berged
Las Vegas