Don’t blame the dittoheads

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The following is a response to your column on Aug. 29, “Facts and opinions.”

I am a “dittohead.” Yes! I listen to Rush Limbaugh! But you got it wrong. Dittoheads are not robots. Dittohead no longer believe the spin and distortions from omission of facts that Mainstream Media perpetuate.

Dittoheads find confirmation in Rush as to the laws, mandates, and doubletalk going down in D.C. Dittoheads know the sound-bites played by Mainstream Media that misrepresents Rush’s true messages. Dittoheads gather information from nonpartisan sources; and can debate the facts of actual legislation from the hypocrisy of most politicians and Main-stream.

As you say, a rift exists between the left and right, but not because of “dittohead” types. When discussing congressional bills, presidential regulations, bribes, or a signing away of our properties and freedoms through these U.N. treaties, many folks tune out, walk away, get emotional, or have literally told me, “I don’t want to know about it.” Who, among these people, know Obamacare will soon allow government confiscation of ... financial accounts?

Don’t blame the dittoheads for any “manipulation and spin ... hurting the nation.” Some folks just don’t care. Some continue to believe and repeat the generalities of their side’s propaganda.

Many uninformed folks still trust and vote for the party of their parents; and some support politicians for their smooth rhetoric while ignoring their underlying intent to bring change to our once-prosperous and God-loving nation.

Annette Franklin