Don’t be bullied into fracking

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A dear friend of mine’s son died as a result of bullying two months ago. ... When I think of northern New Mexico, our love of the land, the water and the air, I wonder why we have to fight so hard to have any rights to keep our water, air and soil healthy.

Well, we really don’t have rights equitable to those who might pollute us. Large oil and gas corporations have the rights, right now, to pollute everything we love and hold dear in northern New Mexico.

Right now they do have the right to supersede our rights to protect our families, our jobs and our health, with state laws protecting the polluters.

Hydraulic fracturing is about polluting water when water is our most precious resource. Agua es Vida. Why is this bullying system in place that allows more rights to polluters than to the people when state policies also allow for citizens to have more say?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  San Miguel County can take the needed steps to become a Home Rule County as several other New Mexico counties have already done. We then have the right to exercise the opportunity in San Miguel County awarding the people and nature equitable rights. We can level the playing field and have a real say about what happens in our county. We have nothing to lose by gaining Home Rule status in San Miguel County.  We have a chance to stop being bullied by legal entities that only have money in mind.  

Please take the time to learn more about our options. Don’t be bullied into this.  

Ellen Drew
Las Vegas