Dogs dumped off on highway

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By The Staff

My husband and I witnessed a despicable act by some people on July 24 while traveling from Mora to Las Vegas on Highway 518. Two dogs were released by these individuals on the highway without regard to the safety of the animals.

There was traffic going in both directions. The saddest thing about it was watching the dogs chase the truck from which they were abandoned. One of them was running in the middle of the highway trying to catch up to them. We attempted to rescue the dogs, but they ran away into a field. I was able to catch up to the vehicle and follow them into Las Vegas and got their license plate number. I reported them to the State Police; however, it’s unlikely anything will come out of this.

I realize times are tough for everyone and people have to make a choice to feed their children or their pets. There are alternatives. All an individual has to do is contact a shelter or a rescue agency and turn his/her pets over, rather than drop them off to fend for themselves, or, as in this case drop them on the highway with traffic and hope that they get run over.

There is an animal hospital on 518 in Las Vegas near the road the vehicle turned into, presumably to go home. I’m sure the veterinarian would have given them information where they could have taken their unwanted pets.

Ruth Rodriguez