Dodge doesn’t deserve raise

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Why should Mr. [Tim] Dodge receive a raise?

Two men died on his watch.

Soon after Dodge said safety classes were ongoing, violations of basic safety practices were cited.

Mr. Dodge also erected security doors at City Hall. These doors and security system cost us taxpayers, on top of the loss of two employees, the installation of said doors and the further removal of our duly elected city officials and managers from ready contact with their constituents.

A very large problem in our bureaucracy-rich community is most bureaucrats have never held a “real” job. That is, their responsibility is to manage other peoples’ money.

The bureaucrat fixes a leaky roof by dipping into the taxpayers’ pocket, while the entrepreneur must ensure to have raised “repairs monies” or get up on the roof himself, e.g., if we don’t like wall panels on the new building, the entrepreneur can’t just change them while passing the bill on to the taxpayer. 

The bureaucrat assumes he can always turn to the taxpayer.

So why should Mr. Dodge get a raise when our taxpayers’ salaries have taken drastic cuts at the time of sequester, bailing out the fraud of our bankers, paying for two wars, and ensuring the city of Las Vegas can pay-out claims brought by families suffering the loss of their loved ones? Maybe our retired mayor can furnish some further lessons he’s learned as a triple-dipping bureaucrat.

J. Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas