District studying policy for fundraising

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By Don Pace

The Las Vegas City Schools board tabled action on a protocol for students at risk and a new fundraising policy, so the new administration would have time to study the issues before decisions are made.

“I would really like take more time to meet with the administrative team and the teachers to ensure that they have a fair opportunity to present their input on this RTI protocol,” Superintendent Rick Romero said, referring to Response to Intervention, which targets at-risk children. “In addition I would also like to follow the same procedure with the fundraising policy.”

During previous readings of the fundraising policy, some teachers and administrators voiced concern that they would not be able to take students on field trips, especially those who went out of state.

Romero said there were some concerns by board members Ramon “Swoops” Montao and Phillip Vigil.

“I agree with some of the concessions that we may be giving up as we look at that fundraising policy. So my recommendation is to table these for perhaps a month, if not two, until we can engage in more school-level input and parent input and perhaps bring a better RTI protocol and fundraising policy to the board,” Romero said.

Montao told the Optic that he continues to be concerned, first and foremost, about children’s safety as well as accountability of funds.

“I think it’s good that we give our teachers the opportunity to come up with some innovative ways to raise money, but the safety factor to me is more important than sending kids door to door selling candy. At the same time, we’re trying to promote healthier schools and not provide a host of carbonated drinks and candy, but on the other hand the kids are selling it. My colleagues feel strongly that they want input from the staff based on the fact that a lot of money may be lost on some of these fundraisers,” Montao said.

Montao said he would continue to explore ways to get money from other sources to offset the fundraising kids are doing now.