District responds to bomb threat

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By David Giuliani

The state police received a bomb threat targeted toward Memorial Middle School around 8 p.m. Wednesday, an official said this morning.

Rick Romero, superintendent of the Las Vegas City Schools, said the state police told him about the call. He said he understood that the voice sounded like it was that of a “young adult.” Romero met with state and local police officials soon afterward.

Romero said he called a staff member to be stationed at the middle school throughout the night and do hourly walk-throughs.

Around 6 a.m. today, Romero said, he met with members of the Las Vegas Fire and Police departments to conduct a room-by-room search of Memorial for any suspicious items. They also checked the exterior of the building.

The school opened on time, but the district took extra precautions, Romero said. For instance, no one was allowed to park on Memorial’s lower parking lot this morning, he said.

“I have called all of our other principals and notified them of the potential threat at Memorial Middle School and asked them to notify their teachers,” the superintendent said.