Distortions need to be addressed

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We all have our pet “issues” which we hope will be addressed in the upcoming presidential debates. For me, the overriding issue I hope to see discussed is the strange and disturbing trend whereby a moderate, hardworking president is somehow transformed into a socialist, Muslim, America-destroying demon.

President Obama has had four years to address and illuminate this alarming process — given all the opportunities — and I fault him for not having done so.

Bill Clinton highlighted this hatred and demagoguery in his convention speech, talking about how he and the Bushes, for instance, have — by contrast — been able to work together on some important humanitarian initiatives.

Former Commerce Secretary Robert Reich has recently pointed to it, saying that Romney’s slippage is not due so much to him being a bad guy or a bad candidate, but by his having chosen to appeal to an extreme fringe which more Americans are realizing does no represent them.

I hope this process of demagoguery and fear-mongering will be addressed head-on in the debates and in the rest of our political discourse.

Jim Terr
Las Vegas