Disappointing trip back home

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Back in March I decided to return to my hometown of Las Vegas to see my family and visit the place where I grew up. However, when I arrived, I was shocked. I noticed that there was a great deal of trash in many of the yards throughout my old neighborhood.

To say that my family and I were very disappointed is a huge understatement. There were piles of old appliances, tires, rusty metal and scrap wood.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing, though, was the sheer amount of liquor bottles littering the ground. During a short walk, my family and I counted 200 plastic whiskey bottles, and countless broken beer bottles along the length of a small two-block area. I was outraged that the beautiful neighborhood I grew up in had degraded into a landfill in such a short time. I am so afraid that people will continue to live this way, and the trash will spread like a disease, causing the town’s reputation to suffer as a result.

There is certainly a need for swift action if there is to be any hope of stopping this trend. If we want to have a beautiful town, it is up to everyone to reduce their litter and help clean up what is already there. This would not take long, nor would it be difficult undertaking if people would just be motivated and do their part to help for the common good.

I also feel that the health department or similar agencies should be doing more to regulate these issues. Instead of trying to find excuses, everyone should just step up and take responsibility.

Everyone should do it just to do it, rather than ask how it benefits them, because when the town is clean, it prospers.

And when the town prospers, everyone else does too.

I want Las Vegas to be beautiful once more, and it is the responsibility of the entire community to make that happen. After all, who wants to live in a dump?

Dorothy Lucero
Pueblo, Colo.