A desperate Christmas wish

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My wish for Christmas isn’t a big one or even a greedy one. My wish is to bring Cindy Rivera home!
She has been gone for half a year and life since then has been so sad, lonely, and just plain miserable. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t concentrate. Cindy is my niece and I cry every night, not only cause she is gone but cause I don’t know if she is dead or alive or where she is. I get up every day put my smile on, go to work and do what I have to with a smile, but deep down I’m crying, I’m hurting, I’m saddened, but I do what I have to.
I plead with the ones responsible, please tell me where she is. Don’t keep our family suffering like this. Cindy’s family and friends plead with you, please, please help us; tell us where she is.
I know you have not kept this secret to yourself. I beg of you, the ones (who may have been told), please have sympathy on us; tell us where our Cindy is. We are suffering so much.
There aren’t words that can describe our suffering, our heartaches. Imagine how her father and mother feel. My dad and mom who raised her, how they feel. Think, if it was your child would you want to suffer? Would you want to know where your child is? Would you want to know if your child is dead or alive?
Please help us bring her home. If she is gone, tell us so we can bring her home and give her a proper burial. If she is alive, let us bring her home. She has her little boys who need her and a family that loves her.
As I write this, my hands are shaking, tears roll down my face, spoiling the paper. I have to pause for minutes to collect my thoughts, to calm down, my heart aches. It’s been half a year and no Cindy.
Someone has to know something. I know you too are suffering keeping a secret like this, it has to be eating at you. I beg of you, please help us. I can’t ask enough, I will never stop asking, begging, pleading with you, please, please help us bring Cindy home.
That’s my wish for Christmas. Is that too much to ask of the people or this town?
Evelyn Garcia
Las Vegas