Courthouse ghost haunting Mora?

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By Rosalie Regensberg

Joe Vigil (Channel 4) did a good job investigating the new courthouse building in Mora County and reporting, but I personally feel that the ghost that lived in the old courthouse is coming back to haunt for having destroyed his home. Without need.

I took office as Mora County commissioner in 1999. We hired a county manager who preferred to catch up on work at night. One night, he called to tell me that someone kept pulling on his shirt as he was leaving. The following night, my granddaughter and I went to stay with him for a while. We kept hearing heavy footsteps up and down the stair, and the lights kept going on and off. We took a flashlight and went to investigate, but nobody else was in the building. There incidents happened more than once.

Later, when the old courthouse was torn down, they found a human skull. The building was historical and the officers at that time were form pioneer families, like Mr. Cassidy.

Commissioner Lovato is an honest contractor. Our only concern in our efforts to save the historical building was to save the taxpayers money. We are not ignorant. We did a lot of research, and hired expert evaluators to see if remodeling was possible, and we were assured that “yes” it was.

We proceeded to take care of the paperwork and were all set to start, when a group called “Taxpayers for Honest Government” went to Taos and got a court order to stop us. The fight over the courthouse got so nasty that their next step was to go to District Court with false allegations against us and filed a petition to have us recalled.

I still have all the documentation that proved that we never did anything illegal while in office or took a penny that belonged to the taxpayers. (I did not get a chance to prove innocence because I only had months left in office, and my partner resigned.)

This last election I ran again because I wanted to prove I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of. The new commission means well, but Mora taxpayers cannot afford to pass another bond or pay higher taxes. If they had listened to us, Mora would already have a beautiful renovated building at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Another thing that bugs me is that when we were in office Mr. Peters sued the county for not providing public records on time. One of the conditions on the settlement was the the county keep the taxpayers informed as to how much money was there and how it was used I have not seen one report on finances since I left office four years ago.

The public deserves to know.

Rosalie Regensberg