County approves Pecos development

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By David Giuliani

The San Miguel County Commission last week approved a four-lot housing development in the Pecos area.

The residential lots will be about two acres each, and the developer, Bonnie McGowan, will reserve 116 acres for open space — a portion of which would be used for hiking trails, gardens and stables.

Several speakers during the commission’s meeting last week praised McGowan’s plans for the Hawk’s Landing subdivision.

However, one nearby resident, M. Dolores White-Vigil, sent a letter to the commission opposing the proposed development.

She contended that Pecos residents were against any kind of large subdivision within their community. She also feared the effects on the water supply.

White-Vigil wrote that she expected tax increases as a result of the new subdivision. She said people can “ill afford to pay high taxes, and our children could easily end up not being able to live in our community as happened in Santa Fe.”

The subdivision would only benefit the applicant and her friends, while it would hurt Pecos residents, White-Vigil contended.

However, Alex Tafoya, San Miguel County’s planning and zoning supervisor, said McGowan exceeded the county’s subdivision requirements, performing studies that weren’t mandated.

He said McGowan has lived up to the promises of her other development, Birds of a Feather.

“I have no hesitancy to say that the Hawk’s Landing subdivision will be done just as well,” Tafoya said.

The commission voted unanimously for the subdivision.