Councilor Madrid needs to lead

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By Bruce McAllister

Councilor Morris Madrid, I agree something should have been done about the $1.2 million months ago. Why did you not put the item on the agenda or call a study session or take any positive action?  Are you a victim of the process?

Councilors take leadership for their community or they add nothing to the process.

(Mayor) Tony (Marquez) may be the captain, but all councilors are the first mates!

Missed communication will continue to run rampant until the process of a two-year term for the mayor is changed to four years and departmental directors are replaced with managers protected by civil service and “at will” facilitators or coaches are there to help these people in the trenches to get the job done for the city.

It is unbelievable that when “at will” people leave, there is nothing left in the files or other information to pass on to replacement. This fact alone is one of the three greatest problems facing our city:  WATER, INFRASTRUCTURE and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Until the city focuses on these objectives, there is no one at the “wheel.”

What do you want, Morris? Why not bring the council together and become a leader instead of a critic?

Bruce G. McAllister

Las Vegas