Council members chide Optic

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By Don Pace

During the Councilor’s Reports section of a special city council meeting Wednesday several members took the Optic to task on what they say were inaccurate statements by the newspaper.

Councilman Cruz Roybal said that the Optic reported that he has been critical of Mayor Tony Marquez, but he said that was not the case.

Turning to Mayor Marquez, Roybal said, “If I was critical of you Mr. Mayor, I would like to apologize. I’m getting kind of tired of reading this because people are talking and I want to make a statement right now, I don’t think I’ve deviated at all since you took office, I have questioned other mayors; you know me — we’ve worked with you before. So do you think I was critical of you at the last meeting?

Marquez answered, “Not in my opinion, Councilman Roybal, with the new governing body going down from eight to four members it’s been very professional and very productive.”

Roybal said there’s a big difference between being critical and aggressively working for his constituents.

“When I address the Mayor I’m asking for the floor, and I did find two inconsistencies on the agenda last week, and two inconsistencies today and I just wanted to make it clear that I’m just doing my job when I ask questions. I was elected to ask questions about things that some of my constituents might not like and I’m not going to change. If the Optic thinks I’m critical of the Mayor that’s their opinion,” Roybal told the Optic after the meeting.

Councilman Andrew Feldman also said he wanted to clarify a statement he was quoted as saying.

“The quote in last Friday’s paper was, Feldman said that he wanted to see a monthly report, meaning a written report from the Municipal Judge — what I said at the meeting is, I want to see the Judge make an actual physical appearance before council once a month as stated in the charter,” Feldman said.

Councilman Morris Madrid said he wanted to apologize to the students of West Las Vegas. He said he was unable to make the last city council meeting where the students from his alma mater were honored.

“The groups that were honored are very special, the West Las Vegas Choir directed by Arnell David Arellanes is amazing. The Dons’ basketball team has honored the tradition that has been there for so long as they competed for the state championship. I also, in some way, would like to recognize coach Hamilton Doyle as he departs the program. He is a unique human being, as well as knowing a heck of a lot about basketball,” Madrid said.

Doyle resigned his position as West Las Vegas High School boys’ basketball coach after one of the team’s most successful seasons. The Dons finished 22-8 and advanced to the Class 3A championship game, losing 50-46 to district rival Pojoaque Valley.