Cops moved to code enforcement

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By David Giuliani

The Las Vegas Police Department has transferred two of its officers to code enforcement, where they will focus on parking and animal control violations.

The police recently took over code and animal control enforcement from the city Community Development Department.

Police Chief Gary Gold said the code officers’ shifts will include nights and weekends. He said the department had divided the city into six sectors for enforcement.

Gold said the two officers will be overwhelmed at first because of the enormity of the parking and animal control problems. Among other things, the officers will make sure dogs and other animals are licensed.

“We’re going to do this initially very tactfully and respectfully. Hopefully, people will start complying on their own,” the chief said.

One advantage to the new system is that employees in the old animal control department will focus on taking care of the animals at the city pound, which is next to City Hall, officials said. Before, these employees did both animal care and enforcement.

With all the care required, animal control wasn’t able to spend much time patrolling the streets for loose dogs. It’s not unusual to see dogs walking around unrestricted in certain areas of town.

The city hopes eventually hire four code officers — something that council members have been encouraging.

But City Manager Timothy Dodge didn’t want to make any promises about whether the city will hire more code officers anytime soon. He said he wants to see how much tax revenue the city gets in the new fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The police chief said the code officers would focus on other issues once they make headway on parking and animal control violations.