Convenience Centers for Voting

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So, how convenient was my convenience center for voting today? The actual voting went smoothly and quickly, but the overall experience was less convenient than the old way. My nearest center, Mike Marr Gym, is twice as far from my house as my old precinct polling place. Knowing only that the Gym was a convenience center, I went to the front of the gym. There a sign said to go down the stairs, but no stairs were visible. The front doors, which could have led to stairs, were locked. Fortunately, a kindly passerby yelled down to me that the stairs were around the side of the building -- and there they were, a couple flights of them. Then a walk all the way down the side of the building to the entry to the polling place. Veteran Marry Gym votors seemed to know to go the parking lot at the rear of the gym, where entrance was at ground level. Next time I will be able to build in my own convenience, but the location will still be well out of my "neighborhood."