Congratulations to Dons

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I would like to congratulate the WLV Softball team for what they accomplished this season. The fact that they were in the state finals is noteworthy. Many of those teams that they have faced have players that are involved with travel teams when the season is not going on. Many of those players have coaches all year around so that they may eventually earn a college scholarship. Obviously the WLV softball team has been able to match all such teams with not only the hitting aspect but also the pitching. The southern part of the state has had softball teams for more years than the northern part of the state. Silver City breathes softball and has done that for years.

NM Western has had a huge influence on many of those players over the years.

Hopefully HU will recognize that they have quality softball players at their back door and can provide opportunities for these girls as well. I look forward to reviewing the HU roster in the future to note if they are providing opportunities for those that live in the area that can show they can play at the next level. Go,  Dons!

Darwin Ludi
Chula Vista, Calif.