Conflict seen in candidate’s bid

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As a longtime and former employee of Luna Community College, I still take interest in the college and hope it continues to address its primary goal of providing quality education for area students, who constitute the majority of its student body. I was employed as Luna’s first maintenance supervisor when it opened as a vocational school in 1970. I continued there until I retired after a 23-year tenure.

One thing that has always been bothersome to me, however, is the way Luna is continually embroiled in political turmoil, especially among its board members and administration. With a scheduled election in the near horizon, one can only wonder what new board members will bring to the messy table. I say this because, in my opinion, the school has had very little stability during the past 12 years due to administrative/board issues that have done little to build the quality institution our students deserve.

I just learned that JoAnn Alcon-Ortiz is now running for a position at Luna. I worked with Ms. Alcon-Ortiz for a long time and admit that she did very well. Although only a high school graduate, she was promoted to vice president of administration and finance under President Sam Vigil. Her brother, Levi Alcon, who is running for re-election, has already served as a board member at Luna for 12 years. I see a potential direct conflict in having immediate family members serving together on a board that governs a small community college. ...
There were many issues involving Ms. Alcon-Ortiz’s conduct and position that I believe would not quality her to be an honest, impartial and responsible board member, unless, her brother is, somehow, re-elected and remains to support her.

Leo Armijo
Las Vegas