Commendations to council, mayor

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I want to express my support for the mayor and councilors who, I believe, are truly moving in a positive direction to help make Las Vegas a better place in which to live.

Mayor Ortiz and Councilmen Herrera and Howell are to be commended for their courage in raising water and sewer rates for the purpose of using the additional funds generated to deal with the chronic water shortage problem in Las Vegas. No one wants to pay more for anything, but we are long overdue in fixing the water problems in Las Vegas once and for all. Once we resolve our water shortage problem, doors will be opened for positive economic growth for our area.

Right now, our area is gradually withering away; not only our lawns and gardens, also our population. We will become a ghost town if we do not have an ample supply of water and if we do not create jobs.

I also praise the mayor for his stand in not signing the resolution to ban any oil and gas exploration in our area. Oil and gas production in our area can be done safely and it would create multiple jobs and an increased tax base. I realize that, as a community, we have to be environmentally sensitive, but sometimes the “imported environmentalists” create more fear mongering than common sense. Think about it, if there was an increase in the tax base because we could create sustainable jobs, there might not be a need to raise our water and sewer rates!

It is very important that we all get behind a progressive government and work together to create jobs and save our community.

Jim Franken
Las Vega