Column about Vigils in poor taste

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I found (Tom McDonald’s) Editor’s Note “The rises and falls of the Vigils” in very poor taste. Your article attacked members of the family’s 17 children, several who are deceased and unable to defend themselves. You must have sources to obtain information (some of which is not true) and some of which is over 40 years old (only known to deceased members and their lawyer, who is still alive). I know most of the Vigil family very well and I find them to be friendly, hardworking honest people.

As for Richard losing re-election, which brought relief in many ways to family members due to the financial loss Richard suffered and health concerns suffered during Richard’s tenure as a legislator. Richard naturally enjoyed helping many people, young and old, rich and poor. Richard invested many long hours “working for the people” of San Miguel and Torrance counties and I know he will miss the many people he met and helped during his terms as state legislator for House District 70.

When Richard served as Legislator under Gov. Richardson’s administration, Richard was “chastised” in a sense by Richardson’s cronies prosecuting Richard’s wife, Roberta, ultimately ... to prosecute Roberta on a lesser charge because Attorney General King could not prosecute any of the 28 (bogus) charges. The “true” offenders in this plot were released with no charges at all or petty misdemeanors.

Recently there have been many public concerns about Gov. Susana Martinez interfering in Senate and House elections. Richard is on the “wrong” side of Gov. Martinez since the 2012 regular session. Richard was allotted $300,000 for capital outlay projects, which was divided into projects that would be “fully completed” with the funding. Gov. Martinez wanted projects that were to be “fully completed” to be funded. The amount it would take to “fully complete” the City of Las Vegas’ water issue is in the millions. One fraction of what Richard was allotted for appropriations. The Las Vegas Optic printed an article (that) failed to convey the entire situation. Richard responded to the Las Vegas Optic article referring to the governor’s wishes to have projects fully funded and the appropriations allotted to him would in no way fix the City of Las Vegas’ water problem but would fully fund the West Las Vegas weight room equipment. Richard also referred to the Paseo Del Norte project in Albuquerque saying that Governor Martinez should fix the City of Las Vegas’ water problem instead of partially funding the Paseo Del Norte project. As a result, the appropriation for the West Las Vegas weight room was vetoed among other appropriations made by Richard, putting Richard on the governor’s s--- list.

It is against Richard’s wishes that I have been trying to find out how his opponent got his name on the “final list” of candidates when a final list was released at 5 p.m. on the filing date, showing only Richard’s name on the final list. Candidates who were present at the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office at 5 p.m. on the filing date were calling Richard to tell him he did not have an opponent. At 9:30 p.m., the opponent’s name suddenly appeared on the “final list.” An Albuquerque Journal journalist printed a story reflecting this issue.

I wish Mr. Tomas Salazar the best of luck and hope he will be a hardworking representative as Richard. It is also my expectation that the Las Vegas Optic will get back to publishing news instead of using the Vigils to create news, informing people with valuable information such as where to vote, trash pick-up on holidays, when Gross Receipts taxes increase or decrease in the city, and having an actual unbiased newspaper would be welcomed.

Robert Gallegos  
Las Vegas

Editor’s note: Robert Gallegos is the father of Roberta Vigil and father in-law to Richard Vigil.