College pursues speeders

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By David Giuliani

Motorists may think twice before speeding on the Highlands University campus.

In the spring, the school’s police department started increasing its enforcement of traffic laws, Police Chief Scott Scarborough said. That was after a professor was struck by a motorcyclist during a rainstorm, he said.

Over the last 13 months, the campus police have issued 954 citations for such infractions as speeding, illegal parking and being minors in possession of alcohol, Scarborough said.

A couple of years ago, the university police were rarely stopping people for moving violations, he said.

“We were short certified personnel then,” he said.

The department now has six certified law enforcement officers, including two city police officers, Lawrence O’Connor and Pamela Sandoval, who work for the university on the side. Last Friday, in fact, O’Connor was on patrol, ticketing speeders. He cited one man for going 27 mph in a 15-mph zone on National Avenue, a street many residents use to get from one end of town to another.

The department also has seven security officers, who don’t have all the powers of certified ones.

As for the tickets, the university doesn’t get the revenue from fines. Violators are cited into Las Vegas Municipal Court.