Code officers to crack down on fliers

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City of Las Vegas Code Enforcement officers are asking individuals, businesses and organizations to stop placing fliers on vehicles, and they’re warning that anyone caught doing so could be cited for violating city ordinances.

“We’re just trying to keep the city clean at this point,” said Rodney Perea, the city’s enforcement specialist services supervisor. “A lot of the fliers blow off and end up littering.”

Perea said placing fliers on vehicles is a violation of the city’s public nuisance, littering and soliciting without invitation ordinances.

Perea said many people annoyed with having fliers placed on their windshields end up throwing them to the ground, which creates a problem for businesses and the community. He said businesses like Walmart then end up having to clean up the mess left behind.

Perea said organizations need to come up with better ways to get the word out about things they’re trying to promote.