Co-op members deserve the truth

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The members of the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative need to know what is really happening within the “People’s Co-op.”

I have worked with three different board trustee chairmen and am appalled by the way the meetings are being run. The electric cooperative board is to follow Roberts Rules of Order, and this was not happening to the full extent. The chairman was not acknowledging other board members’ motions or expressed concerns.

Mr. Chairman, is this the way meetings should be run? Do the other members have an equal say as to what happens on the board? Are you retaliating for not being able to manipulate other board members to vote everything your way?

On another note, the Cooperative board trustee from District 3 made a comment in the Santa Fe New Mexican which stated, “the other trustee members did not like the suggestion by himself and Diego Quintana to send fewer board members to conferences and save the cooperative thousands of dollars in reimbursements for travel and hotel rooms.” (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/1/2014). This comment was made after they returned from a five-day conference in Nashville, Tenn., costing the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative thousands.

In the newsletter sent to co-op members and published in the newspaper article in the “Enchantment” magazine, former co-op manager Alex Romero wrote things in there that sure sounded like a political endorsement for the board chairman. Mr. Alex Romero gave credit to Chairman Diego Quintana for things that were done under the direction of former Chairman Robert Quintana. For example, when Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative entered into partnership with WESCO to supply all construction materials which would go on to save the co-op thousands of dollars each year ... which was done under the direction of then chairman, Robert Quintana.

Renewable energy is the biggest buzz in today’s electric industry. It was also reported by the former manager that Board President Diego Quintana “worked diligently with Standard Solar to get the most affordable deal for our members.” Once again that was under the direction of former chairman Robert Quintana.

My fellow co-op members, I felt obligated to bring these issues to light because I believe that there is some questionable business going on, and I just want what’s best for the co-op. There are always two sides to the story, and what the co-op members have been led to believe is not the truth.

David Maestas
Former board trustee/co-op member