Co-op maintaining power lines

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By The Staff

The Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative is working with contractors to maintain its infrastructure.

A recent memo from the co-op said that Sundance Power Pole Inspections has been hired to test power poles for structural integrity along the coop’s more than 1,800 miles of lines.  The company uses global positioning site technology along with Google Earth imaging to alert the co-op’s management to critical issues, hopefully reducing system failures.

Line crews with the co-op are in the process of replacing some 120 poles that failed last year’s inspection. The process is said to be a slow and dangerous one because the poles are being swapped out while the lines are live.

Allied Tree Services has also been hired by the co-op, and their crews, equipped with 60-foot bucket trucks and chippers, will be working to clear trees from along the power line rights-of-way.

Wood chips from the clearing process will be made available to consumers in Buena Vista. Call (575) 387-2205 and ask for Rudy Romero or Larry Barela to schedule a time to pick up the chips. Consumers are responsible for loading the chips into their trucks or trailers.