Co-op ‘election’ unfairly run

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Martín Salazar was all over your front page Monday, May 28.

He reported on the “trouncing” of Mr. Rock Ulibarri by Mr. Robert Quintana, chairman Mora-San Miguel Electric Co-op. Members are allowed to vote numerous times, depending on the number of meters said member may have with the co-op under his or her name.

Mr. Salazar reported the “thunderous applause these multi-meter members lavished on their selected champion — Mr. Robert Quintana. Little examination by Mr. Salazar would have informed him, and possibly his reading subscribers, that the multi-meter rule disenfranchises the majority of co-op members who cannot afford multiple meters — those of means run the co-op.

“Entities” comprise some of these multiple meter memberships. The City of Las Vegas is one such “entity.”

My concern:  Does the mayor, Alfonso Ortiz, go to cast the city’s vote for co-op chairman after obtaining a consensus of any kind from our elected representatives (council members), or does he further disenfranchise Las Vegas taxpayers, as when he refuses to sign duly enacted City Council mandates to protect our area’s waters against fracking?    

The co-op further chose to conduct the recent “election” as far away as possible from the majority of the one-man-one-vote membership, with a 4 to 7 p.m. time slot on a Thursday. (If 100 members do not show up in the first hour, the incumbent chairman stays on as chairman), thus, making it more difficult for the majority of the members to get to the distanced election site.

At this rate Robert Quintana may be our co-op’s chairman in perpetuity!

J. Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas