Co-host considering whether to accept KFUN offer

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By David Giuliani

KFUN recently canceled its liberal talk show, saying its host was “too opinionated” and had a sarcastic attitude.

But the station wants to keep the program’s co-host, who has expressed an interest in staying with KFUN.

Bernard Schaer, host of “The Bernard Schaer Show,” was told by station owner Joseph Baca a couple of weeks ago that he should turn in his keys because the station was ending his show.

Now, the program’s co-host, Pat Leahan, a local activist, has sent an e-mail to supporters asking them for input on whether she should host a new liberal program on KFUN. Such a show may alternate weeks between a children’s program and political topics. Baca has offered her the opportunity.

As for the children’s program, Leahan said she wants it to include music, discussions about issues relevant to youth and a story time in both Spanish and English. “And I want the kids to learn how to run their own radio program,” she said.

In a mass e-mail, Leahan stated that it was disappointing to see Schaer’s show canceled.

“This came as a shock to both of us and to our listeners. I am so disappointed that we will no longer be able to give you all that platform for expression and education,” she wrote, calling the program “a significant asset” to the community.

Leahan stated that she had spoken with Baca, but it didn’t help at all.

“Joseph is adamant about removing Bernard,” she wrote.

However, she contended that if she accepted Baca’s offer to do a show, Schaer would see it as if someone were stabbing him in the back.

“Other folks have told me that we need a progressive voice back on the air and that we need something for kids and that I need to take the offer,” she wrote in the e-mail.

In a statement to the Optic, Leahan said that if she accepted the offer, she would begin in the fall because of her other activities.

Schaer confirmed that he reacted negatively to the possibility of Leahan accepting Baca’s offer.

“From my point of view, if you have a co-host and you work two and half years together, then the co-host gets offered the slow, that would feel like being stabbed in the back or being thrown under the bus,” he said. “Maybe I’m overly sensitive. This happens in the business world.”

In an e-mail to Leahan, Schaer wrote that he appreciated that she would wait a while to make a decision.

“I think it will allow this matter to cool off and emotions to calm down,” he stated.

He added that he supports the idea of a progressive children’s show.

Baca said he’s interested in Leahan’s ideas for a show.

“She doesn’t want a ‘Pat Leahan Show.’ She doesn’t want the spotlight on her,” Baca said.