Clinton group submits proposal

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By David Giuliani

A group of residents who want Sen. Hillary Clinton or President Clinton to come to town have come up with a proposal for such a visit.

On Tuesday, Lorenzo Flores, co-chairman of Hillary Supporters for Obama, directed the proposal to Ben Ray Lujan, the Democratic candidate for northern New Mexico’s congressional district.

Hillary Supporters believes a visit by either Clinton could help increase support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. They maintain that many Democrats in this area are now reluctant to vote for Obama, an Illinois senator.

The group has received letters of support from various local agencies about how they could help with a Clinton visit.

Las Vegas Police Chief Gary Gold states in a letter that the Las Vegas Police Department has been approved to ensure the safety of any dignitaries who visit town. But he said he would appreciate it if proper notification were given to the community.

City Manager Sharon Caballero made a similar promise.

Hillary Supporters believe that the West Las Vegas gym would be a good place for a Clinton to speak to the community. Schools Superintendent Jim Abreu writes in a letter that his district is willing to host a dignitary.

“We, of course, cannot endorse any party or candidate, but we can make our facilities available to anyone upon request and if it is available. We may have to charge a small fee for cleanup for the facility, but that is all,” Abreu wrote.

The superintendent added that a weekend visit would be most convenient, as it would be harder to use the gym during a school day.

According to the proposal, members of Hillary Supporters include co-chairmen Flores and Lawrence Alires, former Mayor Matt Martinez, former City Councilman Macario Gonzalez, former Luna Community College President Lawrence Pino, Democratic county clerk candidate Melanie Rivera, businesswoman Lavinia Fenzi, Sam Lujan, Frachesca Hentesh, Moises Medina and Jose C de Baca.

Hillary Supporters believe the Clintons are the key to convincing area Democrats to back Obama.

Clinton edged out Obama in the statewide caucus in February, but she won with more than 60 percent of the vote in San Miguel and Mora counties. She performed well among Hispanics.

Flores, the co-chairman, said the group is submitting its proposal to the Lujan campaign because members believe he would have the connections to make such a visit happen.

Mark Nicastre, a Lujan spokesman, said he hadn’t received the proposal as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re eager to see what they put together,” he said.

Tuesday was the last day for residents to register to vote in time for the Nov. 4 election. Local Obama volunteer Yvette Arellanes said the Obama office registered more than 45 voters during the day Tuesday.