City takes care of temporary trip hazard on Bridge

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By David Giuliani

The city has corrected a trip hazard on Bridge Street after a woman fell.

On Monday morning, Shela Silverman, director of the Mental Health Association of New Mexico, which is on Bridge, stooped to put a leash on her dog, but as she proceeded to walk, she tripped on loose wires — one of which was in a loop — protruding from the sidewalk near her office. She fell down and hurt her knees and scraped her hands.

Apparently, someone stole the orange cone over the wires during the weekend. The wires, all of which appeared to be properly covered, were attached to an old-fashioned light post that had fallen down when a car hit it during the winter, a city official said.

After falling, Silverman said, she called Hank Segura, the city’s safety officer, and asked him to put a cone above the wires again. Several hours later, that hadn’t been done yet, which upset Silverman.

“They need to do something to keep people from falling,” she said.

The city put up a cone later.

Segura said he has been informed that the city’s public works department planned to have the new light post by next week. It has to be specially made, so it would be consistent with the other light posts in the Plaza area, he said.