City sobriety checkpoints lead to arrests, citations

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By Karl Moffatt
Las Vegas Optic

Recent Las Vegas Police sobriety checkpoints resulted in two drunken driving arrests and more than 150 traffic citations being issued after stopping more than 1,500 motorists.

The most recent sobriety checkpoint was set up on the 300 block of Mills Avenue on the evening of  May 25 during the long Memorial Day weekend, according to police reports.

A total of 432 vehicles passed through the checkpoint with officers issuing 21 citations and making a lone drunken driving arrest, according to officer Eric Esquibel’s report on the checkpoint.

“We encountered numerous motorists who were visiting Las Vegas en route to Red River,” Esquibel noted in his report. “We had a lot of the older crowd who came through the checkpoint and thanked us.”

Esquibel also stated that most of the younger crowd avoided the checkpoint and alerted others to its location through Facebook.

A checkpoint set up on May 11  for New Mexico Highlands University’s graduation day stopped an unspecified number of drivers and netted one alleged drunk driver. It also resulted in 25 citations being issued, according to police reports.

Earlier checkpoints were conducted in April at Grand and Washington Avenue where 412 vehicles were stopped and 41 traffic citations issued and at another police roadblock the following day on the 900 block of Grand Avenue, where some 350 motorists were stopped and 24 citations issued.

And on April 20, a sobriety checkpoint was conducted on the 900 block of Grand Avenue where 298 vehicles were stopped, resulting in the issuance of 42 traffic citations with drivers being cited most frequently for having no insurance, according to the reports.