City questioned on status of legislative requests

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By David Giuliani

The Legislature will meet next month, and some City Council members are wondering where the city stands with its funding requests.

Councilwoman Diane Moore asked City Manager John Avila on Wednesday why the city hadn’t presented legislative requests to local state lawmakers.

“Again, we are late in the ballgame,” she said, adding that it should have been done in September or October.

Avila said the city had developed a list in “short form,” which had been approved by the council a few months ago. But he said the city hasn’t created a package for the legislators yet. He said he has met with state Sen. Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas.

Moore responded, “We are not doing anything about our requests.”

Mayor Henry Sanchez proposed the city set up a meeting with local lawmakers, and Councilman Louie Trujillo suggested the legislators come to the council’s meeting later this month. Trujillo said it’s rare that any of the lawmakers show up at council meetings.