City plays game of hide-and-seek

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Am I the only one who would like to see what Mr. Paul Cassidy, the city’s contract financial adviser, discussed with Moody’s officials? Is there any chance we taxpayers may get this in writing?

The city administration has thrown Ms. Tana Vega under the bus, saying “...she was able to pull accurate figures to refute the information that Moodys had.”  Did these figures even consider that we must maintain a nine- to eleven-million reserve, versus the current and approximate $4.0 million buffer from our Gross Receipts Tax revenues, etc.

This game of hide-and-seek with city revenues and reserves, should keep us taxpayers quiet and happy until the mayor’s current term is up. At that time, our Humpty Dumpty city manager will find he can’t put things together again, and he will vacate Las Vegas, leaving us survivors to clean up the mess, as we always have.

Hey, if you think everything is hunky dory, I got some swamp land to sell you.

J. Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas