City passes RHS parking resolution

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By Tom McDonald

The Las Vegas City Council passed a resolution Wednesday to manage parking around Robertson High School — after much discussion about a detail that had been left out of the plan.

The resolution designates certain blocks along Fourth and Fifth streets and Friedman and Baca avenues as either residential parking only or no parking areas. Signs will be put up to specify the areas.

The measure was the result of a collaborative effort by city police and school officials, including Deputy Chief Christian Montaño and Robertson Principal Eddie King, who reported to the council that neighboring residents are agreeable to the plan.

But what wasn’t in the resolution caused the most discussion. The measure did not address food vendors who park along city streets next to the school to sell to students during their lunch breaks. School officials want to put the vendors 700 feet away from the campus, but city officials were concerned about the safety and other ramifications to such a move.

Councilor Andrew Feldman, however, considered the vendors a separate issue and moved to approve the resolution, but it died for lack of a second. Finally, after a second motion on his part, amended by Morris Madrid to give the vendor issue some attention, the motion passed. Madrid’s amendment was to direct that the city work with the vendors and the school to come up with a designated location for vendors to park and sell their food to the students.

Councilor Diane Moore was the only one to vote against the resolution. She expressed concern that the city would be designating parking arrangements at one school in town while other schools are also in residential neighborhoods.

“Are we opening up a can of worms here?” she said.

Councilor Cruz Roybal raised questions about handicap parking for parents and students who need such spaces. He said there needs to be one handicap parking space for every 10 parking spaces.


Specifically, the city’s resolution designates as residential parking areas only — no student parking — the following:

• Fourth Street in the 1100 block and the west side of the 1300 block.

• Fifth Street on the west side of the 1200 block and on both sides of the 1300 block.

• Friedman Avenue on the north side of the 400 block and both side of the 500 blocks.

• Baca Avenue on the south side of the 400 block and both side of the 500 blocks.

As for the no parking zones, they are:

• The 1200 block, east side, of Fifth Street.

• The 400 block, south side, of Friedman Street.

• The 400 block, north side, of Baca Avenue.