City OKs mobile home on property, after initial concerns

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By David Giuliani

The City Council on Wednesday approved a Pecos Street resident’s request to put a mobile home for his parents next to his house.

The resident, Gabriel Romero, requested that his property at 1309 Pecos St. be rezoned from multi-family residential to mixed residential. Such a move would allow the mobile home. In an April letter, he told the city his parents are getting up in age.

“I have to come from my house often to check up on them,” he wrote.

At a previous meeting, City Attorney Dave Romero expressed concern that approving such a request would be “spot zoning.” That’s when a particular property is classified differently concerning its use from other properties in an area.

But Elmer Martinez, the city’s community development director, said at the Wednesday meeting that many properties are already mixed residential, so it wouldn’t be spot zoning.

At the previous City Council meeting, attorney Dave Romero said the city often hears requests similar to Gabriel Romero’s — whether to place a mobile home for aging parents or children getting out in the world. “That’s very honorable and valuable,” Romero said.

But he said he was concerned from a legal point of view because of the issue of spot zoning. The attorney suggested the council set a time limit if it granted Gabriel Romero’s request.

“Change the zone for a period of time, and then come back and re-evaluate it,” Dave Romero said.

After Martinez assured the council that the request wouldn’t mean spot zoning, the council voted unanimously to change the zoning on Gabriel Romero’s property.