City needs to act on Dark Sky Ordinance

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Las Vegas has a dreadful problem which requires mostly just energy and willingness to resolve.  

It’s our wasteful outdoor lighting infrastructure and practice which results in loss of the night sky experience, an unattractive townscape, quite an enormous electricity loss, unwanted light trespass and glare, and a generally unhealthy  environment. With no loss of security or utility, and with financial benefit from Day 1, we can start the process of fixing this.  

Thanks to the work of former counselor Andrew Feldman and the City Council, we have a fine outdoor lighting ordinance which spells out the steps, but I don’t see much happening. Of all the poor light in town, it’s the city and other governmental lights that most offend.

I urge city management to move vigorously to comprehensively review our lights and take obvious steps. I’m aware that Taos and other towns  have received both state and federal funds for such an effort. The city should lead the way and businesses and individuals encouraged to join this effort.

The Las Vegas Dark Sky Ordinance (No. 12-03) can be found on the city web page.

Joseph Whiteman
Las Vegas