City may target sex offenders

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By David Giuliani

A proposed city ordinance would provide tougher restrictions than state law on where convicted sex offenders can live.

This week, the City Council took the first step toward passing an ordinance proposed by Mayor Tony Marquez.

State law requires that sex offenders live at least 1,000 feet away from a school or daycare center. The city’s proposed ordinance would expand that to playgrounds, parks and the city’s recreation center.

Under state laws, all convicted sex offenders must register with the county sheriff when they change their residences.

The proposed city ordinance would give the Las Vegas Police Department the power to make the determination on the 1,000-foot requirement.

The proposal would exempt any sex offenders who are serving a sentence in a jail, prison or other institution, including the state hospital; who are younger than 18; or who have established a permanent residence before the ordinance’s enactment.

“The community will no longer be paralyzed by the location of a sex offender near a park or school,” the mayor said.

Councilwoman Diane Moore suggested the mayor take such proposals to the public safety committee first, so members can help the city identify any potential problems with ordinances. She said there was still time to do so before the council takes a final vote.

The council voted 4-0 for the required first step of publishing the ordinance in a newspaper and holding a public hearing.