City dangerous for pedestrians

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I would like to bring attention to the extraordinarily dangerous situation concerning pedestrians and bicyclists in our town. As a pedestrian who walks nearly every day, and a bicyclist who is frankly too afraid to ride anymore, I can honestly say we take our lives in our own hands.

That the city has so negligently let the crosswalk markings become so faded is inexcusable. If funding is available for large raises for administrators, it seems the city should easily afford a little white wash for the streets.

I am sure it would only cost a fraction of $15,000! And it would at least help build awareness on the part of those in automobiles. We must somehow change the mindset of too many drivers.

I have known cars to get rear-ended simply because they allowed a student waiting in the crosswalk to cross Seventh on a street with no stop sign. Ladies and gentlemen, please talk to your counselors, write the city manager or mayor, and help us feel at least some protection from those who pay so little attention to us.

John V. Hayes
Las Vegas