City asking residents to cut weeds

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By Eric Martin
Las Vegas Optic

The steady rains this summer have been a welcome change from the drought conditions we’ve all become accustomed to.

But the rains have resulted in a drastic increase in noxious and nuisance weeds throughout Las Vegas, prompting city officials to issue a request that property owners clean up their properties.

Lucas Marquez, the city’s interim Community Development director, said the weeds are allergy inducing; they prevent other native plants from growing, and they are a breeding ground for vermin and mosquitos.

The city has an ordinance in place that requires landowners to take care of weeds growing on their property.

Marquez said city code enforcement officers have been out talking to property owners who have overgrown weeds in their yards. Those officers are giving property owners a deadline to clean up their yards, usually five days for private property and 10 days for public establishments.

Those who don’t clean up their yards by the deadline risk having the city do the cleanup itself. If that happens, the property owner will be billed for the cleanup.

Marquez said the city recognizes that some property owners are disabled, elderly, have severe allergies or are otherwise unable to clean up their property. In those instances, he said, a plan is made to take care of the yard.

“We always have a way of trying to find a resolution to a problem at hand,” Marquez said.