Center needed for disadvantaged youth

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By Rosalie Regensberg

I heard that someone has an idea to build a center for disadvantaged youth in Mora County. I feel this is the best idea anyone has thought of yet.

A lot of people feel or think that disadvantaged youth, be it either physical or emotional, are delinquents. They are not. Rather, they are young people who have had the misfortune of being handed a bad deck of cards.

There are no bad youth, only youth who for some reason have a low self esteem, and they find themselves in a world that seems unbearable to them at times.

These youth, especially, need support, guidance, and lots and lots of TLC.

I hope the people in the area don’t protest this proposed project as they have protested the gravel pit and low-income housing.

If anyone would study the statistics on disadvantaged youth throughout New Mexico, they would see that early intervention can save the state a lot of money, plus lives. I also have a copy of a curriculum I put together on “suicide prevention and intervention.” It’s on file at Highlands University. It’s a result of a four-year study.

Where youth are concerned, there is not time for pointing fingers, blaming or passing the buck.

Especially in this day and age, our young people need to know that someone cares.

I hope the county commissioners and the citizens of Mora County support this proposed project. It will not only help the economy, it will help human beings, and as I’ve said before, “Every human being is worthy of dignity and respect.”

Rosalie Regensberg